G20 – what happened and where next?

19 04 2009

This Thursday (April 23rd) we will be hosting a debrief event at the Chapel, on Wilmslow road opposite Owens Park, from 7-8:30. This will be a time to find out what happened in London, reflect on the importance of these events and to discuss how we can chanel our energy back here in Manchester.

All welcome, we hope to see you there.

Manchester G20

Whether you were at the G20 protests in London or have been following the news and are keen to find out more, come to the this public debrief event to find out what happened.

There will be short videos as well as tea, coffee and soup to accompany the following agenda.

Provisional Agenda:

a) Put People First demo – Saturday 28th March –
CRAP block and video + Picture slide show

b) Wednesday 1st April
– G20 Meltdown – video shorts and pictures
– Climate Camp in the City
– Stop the War march

c) Thursday 2nd April
– Solidarity protest @ Bank following the death of Ian Tomlinson
– The Excel Centre
– The raiding of RAMPART and Earl Street Convergence Centres
– The NATO summit in Strasbourg (brief)
– The occuaption of the Visteon factory (brief)
– The death of Ian Tomlinson and the police’s deception

2) What the G20 actually decided: anything new? or the same sysytem resusitated?

3) A brief analysis of the printed press coverage of Wednesday1st April

4) Street protest tactics: why did RBS get smashed up? In what other ways did people protest and why?

G8 in Italy, No Borders Camp – Calais, Climate Camp (26th August), Copenhagen (December 2009)

– a SOCIAL CENTRE for Manchester?

– the urgent need for local action


G20 summit in London – manchester mobilises

24 02 2009

On April 2nd the leaders of the twenty most economically powerful states in the world will meet at the G20 summit in London to discuss responses to the current financial crisis. Despite the evident and foreseeable failure of the current economic model, world leaders are responding by trying to preserve the system that is responsible for them. Rather than producing solutions aimed at helping the majority of the world’s population, the G20 will seek to preserve the borders which divide the rich and the poor.

Many people from all over the world will be mobilising to challenge the legitimacy of the G20 and physically oppose those policies which put the needs of profit before the needs of people. In the build up to the summit there’s a week of massive actions. Oxfam will be providing transport down to London on Saturday 28th for the huge march called by the TUC and major NGOs.

Following this in the lead up to the summit there’s going to be conferences, street theatre, demos, direct actions, camps, blockades and a protest march FOR capitalism….. the city will be coming alive. So we’ll hopefully be providing accommodation for those who want to stay down for the fun.

If your interested in helping to organise or to go down then contact us at manchesterg20@gmail.com.

Next meeting to discuss events will be 5th March in the Manchester university students union, meeting room 1 starting at 7pm prompt.

We hope to see you there