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The Silent Majority

Unlike them, WE are the Silent Majority. But that alone is not enough. We must come together to show our support for the globalisation of capitalism and neo-liberal economic policy. We must show our support and gratitude to America’s military and economic dominance, and successive US governments use of this power in defending the free and civilised world from terrorists and the French.

Likewise, we must defend and celebrate our heroic war leaders George Bush and Tony Blair and celebrate their courage in the fight against evil, in defiance of popular opinion worldwide.

Here at CRAPwe share the civilised worlds’ ideals of freedom and democracy by supporting pre-emptive strikes against rogue states and the suspension of civil liberties where necessary. We want a world where civilised people can consume without fear, pollute without prejudice, and secure unlimited access to global resources without guilt (or images on TV of starving babies).

We should march everywhere, in cities throughout the civilised world with our heads and flags held aloft. We are the silent majority and we have Tony, George, the worlds corporations and God on our side, to protect us from the tyranny of third world fundamentalism, the arbitrary decisions of the UN, and dirty beatniks.

CRAP Actions

Although it is a tactic used by the lunatic green fringe, we believe that street-level action is the best method of really reaching out to the general public and showing support for global economic capitalism (that is however, not to say that all the major corporate media and mainstream governments don’t do a sterling job).

Marches in support of capitalism have taken place in a number of cities across the UK over the past years, at times swelling to numbers of well above 15. We hope that these marches will be an inspiration to the World and further encourage the blossoming Pro-Capitalism movement.

-3rd Bi-Annual Crap March, Labour Party Spring Conference, Manchester 2004

-1st Bi-Annual Crap March, Commonwealth Games, Manchester, Summer,2002

How Capitalism Works
Inequality, joined-up working between companies and government and destruction

“When the objectives of government include the achievement of equality –
that government poses a threat to liberty”

-Margaret Thatcher

Diagram 1:Inequality

This diagram from 1867 perfectly illustrates the inherent genius within the capitalist system and how it is indestructible: it has a strong base built on inequality. Like the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the capitalist system is based upon the pyramid shape which yields great unknown powers and like those great historic monuments, was built from the sweat and blood of slaves. If we stay strong the capitalism will stay with us for thousands of years to come just like the great pyramids.

Diagram 2: Mutual Aid

This diagram illustrates how corporations, governments, the public sector and other bureaucrats join forces and work together for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the civilised world. This is typical behaviour as human beings are not generally selfish and want to help one another out, so capitalism represents the best socio-political model to realise these dreams.

Diagram 3: Destroying stuff

This diagram shows how severe the destruction of the worlds last remaining forests has become over the last few years. But don’t worry, its actually a good thing. Trees are a menace. They get in the way of our SUV’s and they don’t do anything. And worse too: research by independent scientists (who refused to be swayed by the increasingly-powerful green lobby) concluded that it was indeed trees and not cars that cause climate change.

“Air pollution comes from trees”
-Ronald Reagan

Destroying trees, communities, culture, human rights etc and selling-off absolutely everything you can get your hands on, doesn’t only benefit huge corporations. It benefits YOU too. It means you can buy loads of stuff and help fight global warming at the same time.

Join Us!
Join the Pro-capitalist revolution

No-one wants to be on the losing side. So why should you? We’re on the same side as the world’s most powerful companies, the corporate media, the world’s most powerful governments and the biggest armies the world has ever seen.

Lets usurp those dread-locked luddites and limp-wristed commie bicycle-lovers while the time is right, before they infiltrate our civilised societies with their diseased liberal new-world nonsense.

Rev up your Hummers and lets beat their beatnik asses.

To become an honorary member of CRAP all you have to do is organise a local group and take to the streets.

The free world needs you!


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